Substance Abuse and Addiction Counseling

When you're ready to turn your life around by seeking help from a substance abuse treatment provider, counseling services can offer the support you need to get on the path to healing. With many years of experience in the field, I can offer you a variety of treatment options to help you get better. Between flexible hours and quick response times, I try to make it as easy as possible to schedule an appointment that fits into your life.


Freedom from Addiction

Whether having concerns about how much you drink, smoke, or use a substance or facing the reality that a chemical is destroying your life, treatment can make all the difference.  I strive to avoid one-size fits all therapy and recognize that the impact of substances can come in many forms.  Whether you are struggling with sobriety, seeking to reduce your usage, wanting to kick an old habit, or just trying to figure out if you need to make a change, my experience in working with substances and addictions is available to help.  I invite you to make an appointment to see if my approach fits with your needs.


Not Just Drinking

Some addictions have nothing to do with a chemical.  If you feel that any behavior, including gambling, shopping, internet surfing, pornography, or hoarding, intrudes upon your life, counseling may help you make a fresh start.  Call today to find out if I can help with your concerns.