About Us

Many of us were raised to value our own strengths, to tackle our problems on our own. Much of the time this is both natural and healthy. However, there are moments in life when fighting for our own health and the health of those we love are struggles that must be shared. It’s our basic human nature. We are not born, designed, developed, or required to face all the challenges of life alone. Sometimes we just need a little help; sometimes we need a companion to walk with us through the pain and suffering. In these times, counseling may be the best answer. A trained and dedicated healer can often offer doorways and paths that are invisible to our friends, our family, and even to ourselves. I believe all people deserve to have the opportunity to have these pathways open to us.


As a licensed counselor and a practicing psychologist, I strive to apply my extensive training in both research psychology and therapeutic techniques in order to help my clients to meet whatever needs they have and overcome obstacles that they face along the way.


Counseling & Therapy Services with Dr. Jonathan LindseyDr. Jonathan Lindsey received both his Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Illinois State University and his Doctorate at Walden University, with a specific focus in human emotion and behavior. His training is in both practical counseling techniques as well as research psychology. Jonathan also has extensive work experience with a wide range of addictions and types of trauma, as well as disorders ranging from depression and anxiety to schizophrenia and personality disorders. He also has professional experience working with clients experiencing changes to their lives, including divorce, grief, or just working through personal and relationship issues.  He continues his education both at the univerisity and community level and actively teaches on a wide range of topics to both licensed counselors/social workers and the public.