Couples Counseling

Whether experiencing consistent conflict, uncomfortable distance, or the dreaded silence between you and your partner, pain and resentment in your primary relationship has long reaching and often devastating consequences on all our life experiences.  Seeking a counselor, mediator, or just someone to listen as you sort through your difficulties can often put a relationship back on track.  After many years working extensively with couples, married or not, I can offer a number of different approaches to help you find the key to engaging in a healthy partnership.


Opening Up Communication

My goal as a couples’ counselor is to support your relationship moving towards the direction you choose.  Whether that’s learning how to co-parent, repairing a split marriage, sorting through the aftermath of an affair, or learning how to let each go with love, my goal is to always remain impartial and supportive of the the needs of the relationship without condemning anyone for the mistakes of the past.  Professional counseling with a therapist trained in a variety of techniques for opening up communication and removing barriers to love may provide you with options and opportunities to heal that your relationship currently lacks.  Flexible scheduling is available to help find that scarce time when both partners can come together to work on the relationship.